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Olive oil: History and benefits


Our olives produce high quality, low-acid and full-bodied extra virgin olive oil of premium quality

Olive trees

Olive trees on Cricket Hill are treated with professionalism and love in equal measures

Our olive oil

We leverage knowledge passed on to us from long-standing family traditions. 

Olives are picked at the exact right time and taken to the press immediately. The olive oil we produce is golden green and is highly praised for its fruity and fresh taste.

This is why our olive oil is beyond healthy and good to look at: it’s delicious. Even a slice of bread rises to another dimension of taste with just a few drops of olive oil.

Taste for yourself. You will love every little drop and upgrade your cuisine in a flash. Try olive oil for healthy, delicious, light-hearted cooking.

Our olive oil is a labor of love not meant for the mainstream market. However, depending on what each year brings, we may have some surplus to give out.

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Greek Organic Premium Olive Oil

Greek olive oil is the best in the world

Olive oil from the Olympia region is the best in Greece

Organic olive oil is the best olive oil there is

When it comes to olive oil, this is as good as it gets

Olive oil is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine and culture, combining fine taste and a healthy diet.

Historians believe that olive oil originated in the Mediterranean or in The Middle East.

Early historical records point to ancient olive oil use in Greece.

According to Greek mythology, it was the minor god Aristaeus who was responsible for the spread of olive oil throughout the Balkan Peninsula, the Aegean Sea and later Italy.

Ancient Greeks used olive oil not only for cooking, but also in sports, health, rituals, and as a status symbol.

Olive oil is rich in polyphenols and vitamin E. These are antioxidants helping protect the body from cellular damage that can lead to a range of health conditions and diseases.

Regular use can benefit your heart, bone, and digestive health and help stabilize your blood sugar levels.